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Saved cards
Saved cards
   Facebook dialog

Saved cards
Depending on orientation you see a Gallery(landscape), the centre item is selected. or Grid(portrait) the selected item is highlighted.

The selected item displays at the bottom.

The current sharing options are:

Send via email

Send using android sharing

Facebook dialog

Facebook dialog

You will first have to login to facebook:
We use 4 permissons:
read_friendlists : Pead you friends
user_photos : Upload photos to your acct
friends_photos : See you friends photos
publish_stream : Publish to you friends stream

To publish to someone wall you select them on the friend list and you car is uploaded to SuprCards com and a link posted to facebook.

You can post to friends walls about 10 time / day before facebook blocks it.

You can edit and delete the photo on this page but I'm sure you knew that...

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